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I swear, this post is educational.
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Here we go!

Now, if your stopping by from my other site it’s possible that you are just peeking out of curiosity. What does she mean by “kinky”? What is “BDSM”? What the hell is that bitch talking about?

Quick lesson on sexy jargon:

BDSM: Bondage, Discipline, Sadism, Masochism.

Bondage: Restraining someone either with rope, leather cuffs, chains, or whatever you have handy. Sometimes involves a collar and leash.

Discipline: Training someone to please you sexually through the use of punishment and reward.

Sadism: Getting off by hurting someone. Kind of. I’ll explain over time how it usually isn’t the actual causing of pain. Trust me a little. Bear with me. In the end it’s all about fun.

Masochism: Getting off by being hurt. Again, kind of. My goal is to make this all make sense.

D/s: Domination/Submission

Domination/Dominant: The one with the rope and the flogger.

Submission/Submissive: The one on her (or his) knees.

Me: Submissive

Part of why I wanted to start this blog is to show that you don’t have to be weird or sick to be into BDSM. If you’ve been reading my other blog for a while you know me. You know I am a normal, relatively happy and well adjusted, intelligent productive member of society. I don’t spend my days staring at porn or hanging out in a dungeon generally. I have a mind and I use it.

But that doesn’t mean I don’t gain something by being on my knees for someone. My hope is to show why this can be fulfilling for some people and maybe gain a little acceptance for this type of sexuality. There are tons of really great, normal people involved in it but no one on the outside knows that because we aren’t supposed to talk about it.

But I’m talking about it.

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