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Why does our sexuality have to be such a deep, dark secret?

Over there, at my other blog, I have talked a little bit about my own sexual preferences. At first it was passing mentions of things like, “oh, baby, I like the way you tie me up.” Which seemed to go over fine. But when I started talking about it a little more something happened.

Actually, two things happened. The first thing to happen was my readers started dropping like flies.

Ooops. I never meant to offend or shock. The truth is this realm of sexuality is vastly misunderstood.

The second thing to happen when I started talking openly about what I am looking for? A few people asked me for more. They wanted details; they wanted to understand.

Oh yeah. There was one more thing that occurred. I found out it felt really good to talk about it and not be afraid. I love my readers. LOVE. THEM. ALL! But…

Losing a reader hurts. But it isn’t the same as facing the judgment, concern or dismay of my close friends and family.

My brother is judgmental and closed minded. He once refused to so much as watch The Secretary on the basis of the “fact” that “those people are disgusting! All they do is beat each other, right? I don’t think they even fuck.”

Oh, how desperately I wanted to correct and educate him. But perhaps there are things a big brother doesn’t need to know about his baby sis.

Add to that, I was once married to a man who really did beat me. Like, swing a baseball bat at my head kind of beat me. Not the fun, cane my ass kind of beat me. So anyone who has been in my life long enough to remember the days of Cover Girl concealer thickly applied to poorly conceal my black eye…. well… I think they will have a little extra trouble over coming their resistance to accepting this side of me.

So here I am. I bare my soul at I will bare my sexuality here. Hopefully I can shed a little light on the realities of BDSM, D/s, and the vast disparity between these two things and abuse. Having experienced both, I feel I am in a special position to educate. And I can’t wait! Because it feels so damn good to be open and honest.

Kink! (It’s kind of like “cheers,” but better!)

2 Comments to “For Those Who Want to Know the Rest… a new Brooke Farmer blog!”

  1. mike! says:

    Two things.

    1. “The Secretary” is one of the greatest and sexiest films ever.

    2. I don’t own a vast array and have a strong affinity for neck ties solely because I enjoy looking dapper.

    Stoked or the new blog! And I wholly anticipate, expect, and am excited to see you being published on high profile sites like nerve or even vice in the very near future.

    Cheers to the near future.

  2. KinkyBrooke says:

    The Secretary actually had a lot to do with me eventually giving into this side of my sexuality. I know. I’m such a cliche.

    I love how supportive you are. You are like the greatest rockstar cheerleader ever!

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